Welcome Cosmic Surfer, you have reached my website!

What I do?
I am a creator of visual enigmas. My paintings are slowly evolving and unfolding journeys that can be decoded with friends and relatives even years after purchasing the painting. Seemingly surreal chaos, in essence, profound and human, sometimes funny.

What led me to become involved in art?
It was the moment when the phone rang in 2017 and a friend informed me that he had decided to have a new lung transplanted an hour later. Since organ transplantation awaits me in the future, the conversation inspired me so much that I drew a picture on the theme of lung transplantation. After starting painting studies at Pallas higher art school, I have become more intensively involved in creative work and it has now become my main job.

How I create?
I am an intuitive painter and while working, I watch where the brush flows and where the paint wants to move. Starting out, I have no ideas or plans, just the creation of chaos between lines and colors. During periodic moments of meditation, clarity of mind arises and I try to find a sensory balance and rhythm within the created puzzle. The rhythm of chaos and order in the painting process reveals what the work is about. Creating a medium-sized (120x80cm) visual meditation typically takes about 100 hours.

For whom do I do this?
I believe that through my art, I am able to express myself in a unique and meaningful way. It allows me to connect with my inner self and communicate my thoughts, feelings, and experiences to the world in a visual form. Art has become a source of joy, fulfillment, and inspiration for me and I hope that it will touch the hearts of those who see it. I create for the glory of the Creator and for the enjoyment of myself, and I hope that my creations will bring happiness and inspiration to others as well.

I am a member of Umbra Arts art collective - visit them at